Northern Edge Trainings 

Northern Edge 2019

The Gulf of Alaska (GOA) is critical habitat for millions of fish, whales and birds. Commercial and subsistence fisheries form the backbone of coastal communities throughout Southcentral Alaska: the environmental condition of the GOA directly supports economic livelihoods and food security of the region.

Northern Edge conducted live fire trainings in the Gulf of Alaska in June, 2015 and May 2017. 

They are now planning to conduct war games again in April/ May 2019. 

Northern Edge has received authorization to train in the Gulf of Alaska for the next five years (2017 - 2022). 

We have significant concerns about the negative or unknown impacts these trainings could have on the ecosystem and communities.

The Eyak Preservation Council believes that with a few changes, negative impacts of the trainings could be vastly reduced. 

Please join us by asking that the Navy do the following: 

 - Similar protections enacted for the Hawaiian and Southern California ranges be extended for all marine mammal species of the Gulf of Alaska;

 - That all trainings taking place within the GOA TMAA (Gulf of Alaska Temporary Maritime Activities Area) and the airspace above the GOA TMAA be moved to the TMAA’s offshore stratum and outside of all the biologically vital seamounts;

- That the timing of the exercises be moved to a different time of year – not spring or summer when whales are most active in the GOA;

- That the timing of the exercises be moved to a different time of year because the spring and summer months are a critical time for many commercial fishermen;

 - That independent observers accompany all Northern Edge vessels for the duration of any and all training exercise. 

Watch Emily Stolarcyk's 2015 presentation at Peaceful Skies Coalition on YouTube