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The life blood of our region - the basis for a culture, economy and community. The Copper River and Prince William Sound are spectacular watersheds that host a rich, plentiful, unique and roadless pristine ecosystem that supports one of the most sought after wild salmon runs in the world, known as the Copper River wild salmon. 

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The most sought after and famous salmon on the planet returns annually to the pristine and lush waters and forests of the Copper River watershed. Yet, there are no preservation or protection policies in place anywhere on the Copper River or in the Delta.

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Indigenous culture, and the preservation of traditional values and intrinsic connections to the land and waters, is the cornerstone principle of our work. The words subsistence, spirituality and sovereignty may have obscure meanings for many Americans', but to Native people, these three words are guiding concepts that carry great importance for our every day lives.

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EPC seeks to promote and catalyze renewable economies that incorporate appropriate technologies for sustainable communities. We promote education and awareness regarding sustainable practices, subsistence and wild-salmon-way-of-life in our region of focus. EPC hosts events to bolster these actives in our local community.

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Our mission: to honor Eyak Hertiage and to conserve wild salmon culture and habitat through education, awareness and the promotion of sustainable lifeways for all peoples. 

EPC's work ensures that the salmon will continue to return to their birthplace and nurture the ecosystems of which they are a fundamentally important species. Also, that the community of local subsistence and commercial fishers in the region will continue to flourish. Essential to local economic sustainability is bioregional conservation, and our little corner of the world is a microcosm baseline model for the planet. This is one of the last wild places on planet earth where we still have a chance to get it right, by leaving it alone- wild and thriving. Please use this site to investigate and propagate our message. Learn more

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Summer 2014 News and Views from EPC

— Aug 9, 2014

Catch up with the Eyak Preservation Council this summer! Join us for events, learn what we are doing and learn what you can do to help. [+]